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Boyfriends !!!

Ever been in love? No? Well, that kinda sucks. Although genuine love is truly very hard to find, its truly worth it. Guys can be frustrating and irritating. Hell you might even hate them a lil but, when it comes down to it, you know in your heart you love them. But how do you deal with this frustration? Tell them how you feel. A real man that truly loves you back will apologize and try to do better. How can you stay mad after that? Now, if he gets mad and upset, he still has a lot of work to do to grow up. And boy do you have your hands full. But when you really love someone, there’s nothing you won’t do and nothing will come between you. And this isn’t just truee for heterosexual couples but homosexual couples too.

I hope I helped! :)

High school

Parents love to say how easy our life is. Just because we don’t pay bills doesn’t mean our life is easy! We have to deal with tons and tons of homework. Plus high school is a time when we figure out who we really are. Not to mention first loves. What’s so easy about that ?

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